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Why The Project Exists. What It Exists For.

It all started in a high school darkroom photography class here in Charlotte, NC in 2010 when, as a junior at Myers Park High School, I sought to tell the history of Charlotte in a colorful and unique way.


After all, our city is filled with some pretty cool signs. These signs tell our history, they show us our culture, they tie us to the present, and they stuck out to me. 


Because of this, and ever since that class, it has been my goal to foster an awareness of the Queen City's storied past and rich present through the documentation of her historic roadside signage.


In 2017, I self-designed and self-published "Charlotte: The Signs Of The Times" as a way to collect my photography and share it with others by bringing this story to living rooms and bookshelves far and wide. It is now in its 3rd Printing.


Since then, this visual documentation of our city's history has evolved into a physical preservation effort as seen on full display in the exhibit at the Charlotte Museum Of History titled "Charlotte: Signs Of Home" which completed its successful run in September 2023. I was honored to be Guest Curator & Designer for the exhibit which primarily drew from the Charlotte Signs Project's collection. 

So join me as we walk down memory lane and learn some new history, and please also keep in touch by following the Project on all social media channels at @cltsignsproject as it continually evolves and develops!

Shine Bright Y'all,


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